Stockland, Green Hills Shopping Centre, Maitland

Art Pharmacy Consulting has commissioned a local artist to create a mural in the Stockland Green Hills Shopping Centre which is currently undergoing expansion and re-development. On 20th November 2017, Ellie Hannon will be installing her vibrant mural in the space!

Hannon is an Australian artist whose practices engages with painting, drawing, ceramics and mural works. She establishes a visual narrative surrounding themes of values, beliefs, process and environment. Drawing inspiration from her travels, Hannon is fascinated with handmade objects and the way in which artefacts, forms of architecture and textiles can be a time capsule of unique narratives, histories and memories.

Upon completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Newcastle University in 2009, Hannon lived in South East Asia for 3 years, exhibiting works in Indonesia and Singapore. Returning to Australia in 2014, Hannon exhibits in the corner store gallery in Orange, has yearly solo exhibitions in Newcastle Art Space, Foresight Gallery and the most recent at her studio as a part of the MAKEit MADEit conference.

The Maitland river mural planned for the project explores the vitality that a river can bring to an inland town. Hannon draws from patterns found in native botanicals, ferns, birdlife and river movement. The mural invites the viewer to imagine themselves in a natural, active landscape by identifying familiar yet abstracted forms in the work.

 Ellie's Concept fo the piece

Ellie's Concept fo the piece

Giles Colliver