Deloitte Sydney Offices, Deloitte, 'Playing with Perspectives' Sculptural Exhibition

Playing with Perspectives: New views from emerging artists

What: 20 artists / 70 artworks

Client: Deloitte 

Where: Deloitte Offices, Grosvenor Place, Circular Quay

Date: April -July 2016 

Brief: Playing with Perspectives: New views from emerging artist’ exhibition. We worked with 20 artists to gather and commission over 70 works that have adorned Deloitte space in Grosvenor Place, Circular Quay for 3 months, from 26th of April to the 29th of July 2016. Throughout the duration of the show prominent emerging artists’ works are on display for Deloitte’s 3000+ staff and their guests throughout the meeting and reception area of the office. 

‘Playing with Perspectives: New views from emerging artists’ is a show that celebrates the unique and exceptionally talented work of emerging artists. These artists range from local, national and even international artists whose work vary from painting and sculpture to video and site specific installation. This show is a visual installment and representation of the ways in which practices of innovation and diversity create new perspectives in artistic culture by uncovering and showcasing unique creative works.


Thank you for inspiring and energising our staff and clients with what can only be described as an amazing exhibition. We both took a risk on bringing a different feel to a corporate environment and not only did it work, it exceeded our expectations.

Your enthusiasm and passion for supporting emerging artists and the arts is contagious and we look forward to hosting another exhibition next year.
— Managing Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Sydney