Broadway Shopping Centre, Sydney, Mirvac Retail, Event Curation: Public Art Vote

Public Art Vote with Broadway Sydney

What: 3 Works / Internal + External Art

Where: Broadway Sydney

Brief: Art Pharmacy Consulting wants to know what you think!

Broadway Sydney is undergoing a huge transformation in an endeavour to bring public art into the foray of day-to-day life. In what is to be a publicly curated open gallery space, some of Australia’s finest local emerging artists are working with Art Pharmacy and Mirvac to bring you The Public Art Vote.
We want you to curate Broadway’s first exhibition in one of Glebe’s biggest public art initiatives. Art Pharmacy Founder and Curator, Emilya Colliver, has handpicked a select group of celebrated local artists, all to be revealed. 
For more information on how you can curate your own gallery space, stay tuned to the Broadway Facebook page. If your ten steps ahead and know what you like, head to and vote for your favourite works from designer / printmaker Victoria Garcia

Victoria is a local inner-west artist for whom pattern is a central focus when practicing art. She proudly states that there are ‘no repeats’ in any of the patterned designs within her works. Instead Victoria’s organically created patterns are idiosyncratic and reflect the real life variations of natural patterning.

Art Pharmacy Consulting offers full-service and affordable art consultancy for private, commercial and event clients, all the while maintaining a commitment to unearthing extraordinary talents like Victoria. It has been a privilege connecting emerging Australian artists with Mirvac and furthermore, connecting the public with contemporary art practices.