Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, Ipoh, Rooster Sculpture for Chinese New Year

The QVB Rooster
19 January – 12 February 2017

The creation of a bespoke public artwork at the Queen Victoria Building, in Sydney’s CBD, was awarded to APC January 2017 by Ipoh, via recommendation. The aim of the installation was to celebrate Chinese New Year – Year of the Rooster.

The result was a unique large-scale installation of a paper rooster that combined the work of innovative Sydney artists, designers and makers. The QVB Rooster stood underneath the centre’s historic dome, and was over 4 metres high.

It was constructed of an elaborate metal framework, with the body hand-wrapped in fine fabrics, and the head, wattle and tail adorned with intricate paper details. The QVB Rooster faced the direction of the sun rise in the east, alluding to the rooster as a sign of dawn and awakening. It was viewable from every level above ground of the QVB building.

The artists’ collaboration in creating the QVB Rooster encapsulates the traits of the tenth animal in the Chinese Zodiac – Hardworking, Resourceful and Talented.

In the latter part of the project, our responsibilities entailed the creation of marketing and digital collateral - a short time-lapse video documenting the project.


Services provided

Artwork Concept

Artist Management

Art Committee

Curatorial Guidance

3D Render of the Rooster for the design phase of the project

3D Render of the Rooster for the design phase of the project