Parramatta PwC Offices, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Indigenous Art Commmission

The latest work for Art Pharmacy Consulting is one that celebrates the Indigenous history and culture of the Parramatta region; acknowledging the traditional owners of the land, the Darug people. The three-panelled blue and white work depicts a large canoe that was traditionally used for fishing along the Parramatta River.

Visitors to the river knew the Parramatta River spot as one with plentiful eels to eat. They would place a pile of sand in the boy of the canoe, and row out to catch eels. Once the eels were caught, the fishers would light a fire on the sand and roast the eels while still floating in the river.

The gorgeous shifting blue gradient that Wing uses evokes the waters of the river, while the ‘fire’ becomes a spitting fountain of white.

This work was completed for client PWC Australia.

Artwork GWS_PwC_3063 (1).jpg
Giles Colliver