GPO Ribbon Art Pharmacy Install 8.JPG

Art Pharmacy has put together a festive art strategy for Melbourne’s historic General Post Office, which also extends to The Strand Melbourne retail corridor.

The General Post Office (or GPO) is one of Victoria’s oldest public buildings, having been started in 1859. In 2004 it re-opened as a shopping centre - featuring some of Melbourne’s best retail hot spots.

Following Art Pharmacy Consulting’s creative vision, Melbourne designers and artists have realized two installations within The Strand. Featuring suspended panels, wreaths of silk indigenous blooms, as well as selected products; the works will embody European festive abundance with Australian nature’s summer beauty.

Outside on the facade of the GPO building will be a Christmas wreath that follows this themes of Australiana Christmas. Made by hand, this lush four metre wreath is filled with exquisite Australian silk faux flowers.

Using five different native flowers, (Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Yellow Wattle, two varieties of flowering Gum and Waratah) green foliage was added as a base.

The Christmas period is an iconic and festive time for all. Even those who don’t recognise the holiday still get to enjoy the positive spirit and energy Christmas brings.

Art Pharmacy aims to unlock the historical charm of the GPO area with cheerful zest: commissioning bespoke artworks and sculptural installations from hand-selected local artists whose works will echo this festive theme.

Giles Colliver