The Ribbon - Darling Harbour, Private Client, Building Art Consultant

Defining Sydney through Art: The Ribbon - Sydney

The Job
Art Pharmacy Consulting has been given one of its most inspiring jobs ever - to visually define Sydney.

Working as the curators of art design for the new Ribbon building, the challenge is conveying the personality of Sydney to out of town visitors.

So, what do international visitors think of Sydney? What do Sydneysiders want visitors to think of Sydney? How do we define ourselves as apart from Europe-esque Melbourne or sun-drenched Brisbane?

The City
Up front Sydney is brassy and brash; fast-paced and showy; glamorous and irreverent. But supporting that constant energy is a town with a strong sense of identity and deep history, who are inherently diverse.

In short, Sydney is the internationally savvy gateway to the rest of Australia.

The Artwork
We will implement a vision that is modern twist on an Australian theme.

This will enable visitors to explore a unique city using unique perspectives.

Light, aerial views, time and games are all aspects that will enhance a visual and physical experience within certain spaces.

The Artists
Art Pharmacy Consulting have so far identified three leading Sydney-based artists to visually communicate what Sydney has to offer the international and domestic visitor.

All with their own strengths, these well-known and loved artists will be working collaboratively to bring their cutting edge design and art to the Ribbon. While traditionally, artists have worked in isolation or in silos on hotel design, here three electric minds will come together to challenge and support each other in their ideas to plan the best possible design.

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Giles Colliver