Step Change Offices Sydney, Step Change, Creative Murals

Creative marketing agency, Step Change collaborated with Art Pharmacy Consulting to create two murals for the Strategy and Library rooms in their CBD office space. The two works reflect the company’s commitment to creativity and innovation, as well as their business acumen, functioning as pieces that are both decorative and functional.

The first work, located in the Strategy Room was large scale, yet subtle piece. We worked with a mural artist to develop the piece, which used soft, grey tones to create a sprawling, graphic depiction of the creative process. The artist’s use of fine, almost transparent line work, gives the mural a three dimensional quality, again, reflecting the complexities and depth of Step Change’s work.

For the library, Step Change was eager to incorporate typography into the piece. The result was another large scale, graphic mural  which similarly reflected both the functionality and creativity that characterises the company. The quote, which reads, ‘The secret to life is to keep living’, is in keeping with the tone of the room, which is one of quiet contemplation, research and creativity.

Giles ColliverArt Pharmacy