Deloitte Sydney Offices, Deloitte, The Art Of Ageing Exhibition

Deloitte has long understood the rapidly changing nature of the workforce to be an opportunity to grow and develop as an organisation. As a company, they have gone to great lengths to understand the changes that are occurring, and working to develop a diverse and modern workforce.

One of the changes that they company has observed is the influence of the ageing population on organisations. They have found that increasing numbers of mature employees are less likely to retire, and see this as an opportunity to capitalise on skills accumulated over long careers.

They enlisted the help of Art Pharmacy to curate and install the Art of Ageing exhibition, created by photographer Louise Hawson, of 52 Suburbs fame. The series, much like Deloitte, aims to reframe the public’s perceptions of ageing by presenting a series of large scale portraits that give insight into the experiences of a diverse range of mature aged Australians.

Displayed in the foyer of Deloitte’s CBD office space, each portrait is accompanied by a short interview with each subject, discussing their lives, careers and the impact (or lack thereof) that ageing has had on their outlook.

Working with Deloitte and the Department of Family and Community Services, Art Pharmacy arranged for the series to be transported to the Deloitte offices, and curated the photographs, highlighting the features modern, carefully designed space, as well as presenting employees and clients with a striking and fascinating story about the complexities and changing face of ageing.