Melbourne, Chatime, Mural Commission

Cha Time - Lucy Lucy.jpg

Art Pharmacy Consulting presents its latest collaboration - working with a French artist to design a bubbly mural for the tea specialists, Chatime.

Living in Melbourne, this artist is a member of the AWOL crew - a talented Australian artistic collective. She has worked painting murals, creating clothing, illustrating books; as well as working as a live painter at Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields, Let Them Eat Cake and Courts dans l’Herbe (FR).

She has worked with artists, such as Robyn Latham (to celebrate NAIDOC at Blakdot Gallery), Kaff-Eine in France and Australia and British artist Hannah Adamaszeck in London as part of the Global Street Art Project.

She has created a bright, fun mural for a Melbourne Chatime, which features her characteristic overlapping shapes, curves, patterns and forms.

Giles Colliver