In August 2018 Art Pharmacy Consulting were contacted by new clients: an international premium hotel company with a global portfolio. They had heard of Art Pharmacy Consulting after the team created an art narrative for another hotel. The company wanted to create an art strategy document, which was to be understood by the decision-makers within their global team.

The project was to support the hotel company’s longterm goal of updating their design principle across their hotels - to tell the story of the location but keep the branding consistent. It was to reflect a shift of style throughout the company.

The aim was for the document to be suitable for distribution among hotel development teams; which could include architects, interior designers, investors, marketers and executives.

In December 2018 Art Pharmacy Consulting came forward with a richly-imaged (with images sourced in-house), 20-page document that followed the company’s branding, fonts and colours format. It featured room mock ups. It provided details on how to keep art consistent in tones in colours, how to make it accessible, how to move beyond typical ‘hotel’ art and how to choose statement ‘way finding’ pieces.

What marked this project as different to other was the emphasis on how to choose art according to location and to use it to create meaning and context. In short, to make the most of what’s already in location in terms of relevance, materials and place. This would then lead to creating brand appropriate content on a continuous basis.

After revisions in January 2018, the client was presented with a cohesive view of design directions in the form of a document. As an end product it:

a) Was easy to read for anyone of any expertise.

b) Defined art so that it could be easily modified according to location.

c) Listed relevant modifiers to demonstrate different ways that the hotel brand could be shown through the art.

Its usefulness and practicality was demonstrated with the inclusion of a sample strategy, based on an upcoming hotel development from the company’s own portfolio. Included was how best to encourage creative opportunities for partnerships with local community groups and institutions, and making the most of the art investment.

Art Pharmacy Consulting enjoyed the experience of creating a hospitality and hotel-focused art guide, and are passionate to create more. We are excited to help hotels strengthen their brands, make guests feel welcome and creating a sense of ownership amongst hotels under the same flagship.