Announcing Art Pharmacy Consulting’s latest long term Creative Placemaking project - a digital arts activation at 100 Creek Street, Brisbane!

Art Pharmacy Consulting were contacted in May 2017 by new clients, ISPT Pty Ltd. A real estate investment firm with a shopping centre focus, ISPT had been referred to Art Pharmacy Consulting by long-term industry contact, artist and way finding specialist, Jan Ashdown.

ISPT wanted a long-term Digital Placemaking Project for their Brisbane offices at 100 Creek Street, in National Bank House, which was to become an evolving and inspirational site that celebrates the local area through custom made hyper-local content, created by local artists.

Chris Bennie in front of his video installation for 100 Creek Street.

Chris Bennie in front of his video installation for 100 Creek Street.

The client wanted to provide a 12-month long platform for artists working in the field to collaborate in a cross-disciplinary way, all while reflecting ISPT’s values on a global stage. They were inspired by the inspirational and celebrated digital artworks installed in the Salesforce San Francisco corporate office.

100 Creek Street was to be the first project of its kind in Australia.

Art Pharmacy Consulting was to curate the themes of the digital artworks in order to achieve this, leading a comprehensive and sustainable digital art implementation and procurement that reflected ISPT’s vision, as well as raising the profile of the area in an authentic fashion.

We were to commission six local Brisbane, emerging and established digital artists to activate the space over a 12-month period with a looping video.

Creative studio Vandal (whom we had previously worked with, running a long term place activation of their Sydney-gallery space for its inaugural 18-months) were brought on board to create complementary material to the artist’s vision, whom Art Pharmacy Consulting was to source.

Out of the initial four artists pitched to create the first artwork, the artist chosen by ISPT was Chris Bennie. Chris creates performance-based artworks and observations of the weirdness of our world. He has a strong interest in performance, and the world as “a strange but eloquent complexity”. Living and working in Brisbane, Australia he lectures in Digital Art and New Media at Griffith University Queensland College of Art and is the Exhibitions and Public Programs Officer at the Griffith University Art Gallery.

His performances and manipulations of video extend this interest to the realm of art, ritual and the potential for water to act as a conduit between the two.

Chris created a digital artwork to brief that was inspired by elements of Queensland. He created a work that aimed at disconcerting the viewer, filming himself in a wide expanse of river, he uses his own figure to disrupt the otherwise calm landscape that is reminiscent of Australian impressionist representation of the country. Both still and jumping, his body in the landscape creates a curious representation of the human figure.


The work is across two screens, meaning that the viewer has to travel to see the work in its entirety, playing into the dynamic of the work and its busy office lobby location. The artist’s work was to be combined with water visuals on a screen 4m high and 12m long, making for a dramatic presence.

The work was installed on screens in October 2018, with the images documented by Art Pharmacy Consulting’s Brisbane-based photographer.

It will be in place for the next two months at which point the next local artist selected by Art Pharmacy Consulting will present their work that will be aligned by a second nature theme.

As the first of its kind in Australia, this is an groundbreaking and exciting project that Art Pharmacy Consulting is set to curate over the next year. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and digital artists!

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