Broadway Shopping Centre, Mirvac, Year of the Dog Installation

Art Pharmacy Consulting's latest cultural activation with Mirvac is taking place at Broadway Shopping Centre, Sydney just in time for Chinese New Year's Year of the Dog! We've engaged a multidisciplinary artist, to create an installation alongside Broadway's escalators.

Art Pharmacy Consulting caught up with the artist to hear about what inspired her use of metallic piñata dogs, why she wants a playful audience and how she uses matte materials to make the materials 'pop'.

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Broadway Install Web Design_Missy Gilbert_CNY_2018_5_Credit: Jodie Barker.jpg

So – why piñata balloon dogs and palm trees?

When asked to create an art installation for Broadway for The year of the dog, I dreamt of creating a contemporary fantasy-landscape where the glitterati puppies would exist. If it was my year and I was a dog, where would I go ..... to a tropical island right ?

What affect do you want to achieve on the people visiting Broadway with your visuals? What do you want to go through their heads?

So many installation artworks lack PLAY.  The scene is simple enough to allow viewers to experience a moment of imagination.  To perhaps spend that moment day dreaming, and making their own story.  Working in the space between to escalators, with its narrow ascending steps lent itself to a design dramatic proportions.  

The 3m height of the palm trees creates a really unique line for viewing.  The Monochromatic tones are arrangement to represent a sunset. The  repetition of dogs and palm trees is a stylistic approach I like to carry through my work. 

Broadway Installation - fast forward!

What drew you to using the combination of metallic and mattes in this installation?

For me the dog is hero ! It’s the year of the dog and it’s their time to shine (ha ha - puntastic), so it made sense to use matte, frosted and opaque textures and huge hit of flickering red foil, so the dogs pop!

What other senses (beside visuals) do you hope to stimulate with this installation?  

Emotion .... memory ... perhaps even physical, with a smile, a laugh or a squeal !