Creative Industries Knowledge Hub: Supporting NSW Creatives, Video Collaboration

Last year, Art Pharmacy Consulting and Culture Scouts were approached by UTS to take part in NSW Department of Industry, UTS and Creative Industries Knowledge Hub filming of Kindred - a short filming aiming to put creative NSW forefront.

The Knowledge Hubs Program established industry-led collaborative partnerships centred around key NSW industry sectors. These partnerships bring together businesses, research organisations and industry associations, to share information and direct research through collaborative projects.

Featuring Snell Architects, Nina Las Vegas, River Road, Frost* Collective, The Solid State, 2SER 107.3, Animal Logic,, IMG, Shaun Parker & Company, Citizens, Eveleigh Works and Hero.

From light shows, to visual artists; from costume design to ballerinas. A short video that Culture Scouts and Art Pharmacy Consulting were featured in last year, celebrating NSW creative talent. Brought by Creative Industries Knowledge Hub, UTS and NSW Department of Industry. Credit: CIKH, UTS, Department of Industry, Kindred