Landcom & Mirvac Residential, Green Square, 'The 'Secret Garden' Family Mural

The most recent mural created by the Art Pharmacy Consulting team is part of our ongoing involvement projects in the Green Square area, working alongside clients Landcom (formerly known as UrbanGrowth) & Mirvac Residential.

Art Pharmacy Consulting initially became involved in the Green Square project in early 2017, when Mirvac was recommended Art Pharmacy Consulting's services.

Since then, Art Pharmacy Consulting has hosted creative children movie nights, summer festival workshops as well as creating interactive and community focused hoarding - all meeting the goals of Landcom and Mirvac. 

Any activations and/or artworks in the area were to be created with the a goal of stimulating business, encouraging visitors into the area and promoting a diverse, unique and historical landscape.

The 'Secret Garden' mural was created by two well-known Sydney artists to appeal to the high density of young families in Green Square. The area where it was located - one of high foot traffic, particularly of these young families - was made to appeal to young pedestrians.

The mural itself was completed over four days, despite delays due to stormy, wet weather, and was on a large scale at 33.1 m by 3 m

For the project, Art Pharmacy Consulting created a proposal that met the brief, managed the artists to create a suitable concept, before managing installation and follow up.


Services provided

Managing & Guiding the Artists


Green Square_Sindy Sinn_Mike Watt_5.JPG
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The artists stand next to the mural

The artists stand next to the mural