Broadway Shopping Centre, Sydney, Mirvac Retail, Art Columns

Art Pharmacy Consulting's were contacted by longtime clients, Mirvac Retail, to build on the success of their longterm local arts strategy at their Broadway Sydney Shopping Centre.

This particular project consisted of commissioning four local artists to create four column artworks on Level 1 to continue from the four that were created in 2016 on Level 2. The project was to support Mirvac retail's longterm goal to support locally based art, sustainable urban design and community collaboration.

The client wanted columns that evoked the neo-expressionist Basquiat art style. The colour palette was to be deep and bold - expressive and raw - in order to capture the energy of its surroundings. Art Pharmacy Consulting was to choose local artists in order to pay homage to Broadway Shopping Centre's surrounding community who regularly use its facilities.

Art Pharmacy Consulting came forward with a number of concepts from a selection of talented artists, of which the client chose four.  Over a period of four months, the artists created columns over five metres tall that spoke to their own artistic practice and philosophy: providing rationale and plaques for their artworks. Art Pharmacy Consulting consistently liaised with the artists - checking in and guiding their progress. 

Implementation took place over a week, with the artists each taking a night to create their works. As they installed, they were documented by a videographer, explaining their process and their artistic inspirations. 

The finished result were beautiful, individualised sculptural artworks that spoke to the Mirvac Retail branding and supported Australian art.