Place Academy: Session 1, Place Making Training Seminar

We recently welcomed 30 elite industry professionals, officially launching PLACE ACADEMY, a dedicated placemaking consultancy and training seminar.

Place Academy_Art Pharmacy_Session 1

The energy of the event was incredible, with an environment that was rich with the amazing ideas. One participant said she felt, “amongst [her} people” - those who want to make incredible places for people to live and work in.

Are you thinking this sounds just like you? Or that these are the kind of people you want to meet? Then come to our next  PLACE ACADEMY session. On June 1st, we’ll be offering a PLACE ACADEMY Session 1 catchup in the morning followed by PLACE ACADEMY Session 2 in the afternoon.

Participants are welcome to book in for both Session 1 + 2, or just Session 2

Here’s what to expect from the  PLACE ACADEMY team…

Palce Academy_Art Pharmacy_Session 1_Emile Rademeyer

The day kicks off with an Acknowledgement of Country, followed by three tailored training sessions; Strategic, Creative and Digital Placemaking.

SESSION 1 - Introduction to Strategic, Creative & Digital Placemaking

Strategic Placemaking is covered by Jo, who explains the need to have a deep understanding of a place and it’s people before beginning work on a placemaking masterplan. She explains how community needs, challenges and a unique vision are part of creating a genuine activation that will achieve sustainable change.

Emilya Colliver (Art Pharmacy Consulting) presents Creative Placemaking. She highlights the importance of art and creative experiences in enhancing identity, vitality, wellbeing and value in public spaces and communities; as well as the importance of a good creative brief.

Digital Placemaking. Showcases how the interplay between the digital and physical worlds can be used to create memorable, immersive and transformative environments. Examples include using digital art, digital sculpture, virtual reality, augmented reality and digital interactive experiences

A flower installation specially installed for Emilya Colliver's  Creative Placemaking  workshop, created by artist  Amy Roser

A flower installation specially installed for Emilya Colliver's Creative Placemaking workshop, created by artist Amy Roser

SESSION 2 - Best Practice when Planning, Innovating and Executing Placemaking

In the Strategic Placemaking workshop, attendees are given tools to create sustainable placemaking strategies, by learning how to understand why placemaking is relevant; explore the different components of a place and why they matter; develop a strong and considered strategy and connect with and manage stakeholders.

In the Creative Placemaking workshop, attendees ensure the longevity of future creative placemaking projects, by learning how to define creative goals and communicate them effectively; identify roadblocks & make them work in the project’s favour; write an effective & detailed brief and make projects happen with an art committee.

In the Digital Placemaking workshop, attendees learn how to put a robust digital placemaking strategy in place, by learning how to identify a digital project’s target market & goals; dream big when it comes to digital ideas & creative possibility; understand basic digital considerations, as well as physical and budgetary restrictions and use data before, during and after a project. 

Place Academy_Art Pharmacy_Vandal_Virtual Immersive_1

Spaces are extremely limited to these sessions (Total 8 participants in the morning, Total 16 participants in the afternoon). So book now!

Book Session 1 + 2 (Friday June 1st)

Book Session 2 (Friday June 1st)


PLACE ACADEMY brings together knowledge and expertise from three of Sydney's placemaking experts, providing tools and strategies for successful, long lasting placemaking outcomes.