VANDAL Cinema Room, Place Academy, Botanical Installation

Art Pharmacy Consulting was commissioned by the PLACE ACADEMY team to install a temporary botanical installation in the VANDAL Cinema Room, where they would be holding a creative strategy seminar.

Botanical installation at VANDAL Sydney offices

Botanical installation at VANDAL Sydney offices

VANDAL - a Sydney-based creative studio that specialises in post production, film, audio and virtual & augmented reality - were loaning use of their cinema room to the PLACE ACADEMY team. The team was anticipating 30 industry experts from placemaking, retail and public sphere to come into this space for their inaugural session. They wanted art put into the space that would emphasise the values of creative placemaking and art.

The Art Pharmacy Consulting team assessed the space and decided that what it needed was a structural piece hanging from the ceiling. They sourced faux botanicals and flowers, which had been custom painted by a good friend and local artist.

The temporary structure was installed over 12 hours. the botanicals were hung from the rafters, and balanced with the use of fishing wire.

For this job, Art Pharmacy Consulting created a strategy for the space to match needs of the client, sourced materials, curated the space, and undertook install and de-install.

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Services provided

Creative Strategy

Material Procurement

Space Curation


The (tired) artist Amy Roser, after the art installation was finished for the day

The (tired) artist Amy Roser, after the art installation was finished for the day