Wetherill Park Shopping Centre, Stockland, Creative Hoarding

Art Pharmacy Consulting were recently engaged to create a mural at Stockland Wetherill Park shopping centre. The mural was to be completed on a large-scale hoarding that was installed in the centre. The site has recently undergone redevelopment, and the greater surrounding area is one of growth.

Art Pharmacy Consulting received a detailed brief from the client, which they interpreted as to create an artwork that positioned the centre as local, community driven and appealing to youth and families.

Art Pharmacy Consulting reached out to one of their contacts: a young Sydney-based artist whose artworks are bold, playful, and colourful. Growing up in a creative household (his father is well-known in the arts) in northwest NSW and studying graphic design in Canberra, he is strongly inspired by music, movies and pop culture. His works have a strong use of colour; they’re vivid, engaging, and powerful.

His process is multi-layered and concept driven, it typically begins with working from a brief before illustrating by hand and then being digitally rendered and finally painted by hand.

Implementation took part over six nights, with the artist undertaking site induction before hand painting the 28 metre work. In addition, Art Pharmacy Consulting undertook documentation, commissioning a professional photographer to capture images of the finished work.

The project went smoothly, and over a short turnaround, with Art Pharmacy Consulting undertaking regular concept revisions, and liaising with the extremely talented and adaptable artist. The final result? A gorgeously bright and engaging artwork for the residents of Wetherill Park to enjoy.

Art Pharmacy Consulting_Wetherill park Stockland_Silly Pear_ Web-25.jpg