Art Pharmacy Consulting were recently contacted by Canada Bay Council to create an Italian-themed street library for Ferragosto: an Italian street festival. Ferragosto is Canada Bay Council's largest annual event held over an August weekend in Five Dock, Sydney. Art Pharmacy Consulting had previously worked with Canada Bay Council to create the 'La Piazza Parlante - Italian Talkative Square' installation in 2016. 

A Street Library is a public home for books, that can be bought and planted in neighbourhood front yards. Neighbours are invited to take and deposit books, lending to a strong sense of local identity and community. This particular Street Library was to speak to the area's strong Italian heritage. 
The client provided the unpainted basic street library structure from and needed an artist to paint and decorate it appropriately for the Italian event.

Art Pharmacy Consulting commissioned an Art Pharmacy online artist to create a one of a kind the street library. The artist is heavily influenced by a 12-year career in industrial design and is concerned with the way ideas are presented in 3D to create an ideal reality.

She collated inspiration images and created a mock design of the finished street library for the client to approve before moving ahead with the project.  Upon approval, the artist had one week to complete the street library.

The street library is now permanently located in Fred Kelly Square in Five Dock.

StreetLibrary - ChristelleHug04 (1).jpg
StreetLibrary - ArtPharmacy02.jpg
Kate Bettes