Over the last 18 months the Art Pharmacy team have continued to bring Birkenhead Point Centre to life through exciting installations by a number of Australian artists, including Jo Neville AKA Paper CoutureSky CarterMon Bedwell, Luke Power, Maie Dionisio , and Jeff McCann.  Now Maie returns to Birkenhead with a strong new look.

In what ways have you promoted Australian high fashion concept in this work?

The glamorous world of high fashion has been the inspiration for my work and career for the past decade. The appeal to me has never been the expensive designer price tags but the endless possibilities of creativity that high fashion houses have to offer in the form of design - whether it be in garment construction, runway sets, marketing, photoshoots and product design. To me, high fashion minus the dollar value is a form of art. It oozes luxury and exclusivity, and creates an inspiring world that captures the imagination.


In my second installation for the Birkenhead Window Project I’ve applied my experience in the fashion industry to create a display that suggest the highs and lows of being an artist. The conflict of being a creative in a corporate world. The struggles of getting your voice heard and your vision seen. And of course, the rewards of your hard work. It’s all part of the visual process.

I call this, Only For The Diligent.

Birkenhead Point _ Maie Dionisio_photobyJodie Barker.jpg
Birkenhead Point _ Maie Dionisio_photobyJodie Barker.jpg

Birkenhead Point, Credit: Art Pharmacy Consulting Photographer: Jodie Baker

How are you hoping to spark the curiosity of the viewer with this work?

The first thing that will attract people’s attention to the space will be the violent red walls: a colour which usually triggers opposing emotions. It reflects love, or in this case, passion, but it also suggests danger or the fight. The second reaction will be towards the theatrical positioning of the mannequins (something that has given me an infamous reputation for from my years as a window stylist). I truly believe that the styling and positioning of mannequins create the mood and tell the story of the entire display, and is a major element in my visual merchandising. This body of work uses some obvious and not so obvious metaphors to illustrate the fighting spirit of anyone with a dream.

The installation is a homage to fellow artists and dreamers as much as it is a reaction to those who undervalue artistic intellect and indicate an indifference to aesthetic values. Everything I do is intentional. And everything I do is for the love of art.

What are you hoping this work will do for people visiting BHP? What experience do you want them to have?

I want people to use their imagination and create their own back stories to the made up world I display within this window space. I’d love for individuals to relate to my story through their own experiences. I want people to question it. And then I want them to question themselves.

Birkenhead Point _ Maie Dionisio_photobyJodie Barker.jpg

Birkenhead Point, Credit: Art Pharmacy Consulting Photographer: Jodie Baker

Kate Bettes