Art Pharmacy Consulting were contacted by a collaborative partner, a cultural consultant, to help them formulate an EOI for a property management group. After Art Pharmacy Consulting interrogated the basis of the EOI, we were asked to formally consult on the development, and the EOI was bypassed.

The client wanted a unique rooftop and commercial concept that aimed to be the gathering public space for workers for city dwellers and visitors to lean, interact, have fun and be inspired. Particular emphasis was being placed on creating a precinct that had a strong sense of community and had a specific cultural ecosystem.

 Art Pharmacy Consulting’s role in the project consisted of putting together tiered options for a white box space. The project was to support the company’s long term goal of owning an asset with a creative area.

In order to achieve this, Art Pharmacy Consulting was to put together options for a research phase, a functionality guide, a commercial and curation plan, a programming guide and ongoing management of programming for the space. This was specifically for the development management team, with a focus on Melbourne CBD.

Having been contacted in June, first phase was delivered in October after approval was received in the same month. Art Pharmacy Consulting came forward with a research phase document, consisting of 15 creative space case studies, examples of commercial, models, an overview of relevant academia, interviews and a summary.


Art Pharmacy Consulting’s ability to work to a fluid project development schedule, involving the architect for the development, was proved for this project when the functionality guide was delivered ahead of schedule in December. This consisted of  working closely with the architect to revise blue prints, consider visibility of the white box space within the development and make the space accessible.

In completing the first two phases of this project, Art Pharmacy Consulting cemented its ability to convey the knowledge we use everyday as arts and cultural experts and implementers, to parties with different expertise. Making the knowledge of curatorial commonsense accessible, and applying it to development problems.

More to follow.

We love white box spaces and mixed use creative spaces.

We love white box spaces and mixed use creative spaces.