Windsor Art Project

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In November 2018 Art Pharmacy Consulting was engaged by Hawkesbury City Council to bring central Windsor to life with murals along the George Street mall as part of the exciting Windsor Mall mural project!

As part of this, we will be continuously posting updates on this page as part of keeping the community up to date with developments on this project. If you have any relevant queries to this project please email Charles.LIGGETT[AT]

You can also sign up to the Windsor public art project mailing list HERE.


The day of installation has finally arrived!

Artists David Cragg, Noni Cragg, and Thomas Jackson have been busily working away on these murals and they’re looking incredible! See below for some process pictures, with more images of the finished walls to come.

An official launch is happening Thursday September 2nd, 2019 to celebrate the new murals.

15 FEBRUARY 2019

Art Pharmacy Consulting have received confirmation from the Windsor-based art committee members for the project. Here they are!


Andrew Kearns

Catherine Cadman

Danielle Wheeler

Darren Pead

Emma-Jane Garrow

Venecia Wilson

If you have any relevant queries to this project please email Charles.LIGGETT[AT]

More information below.

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Catherine became a resident of Hawkesbury when … I moved from Bondi to the Windsor area, 15 years ago. For the first seven years we lived on the river in Lower Portland where we started to get to know members of the community. In that time I started to learn about the orange orchards that had originally been along the river; and some of the Aboriginal history as we lived near an Aboriginal ceremonial ground.

Over the last 15 years I’ve built connections throughout the community through my family’s involvement with schools, local businesses and community based services. We also have a deeper connection to the area as my husband’s seven times great-grandfather, Charles Whalan, was Governor Macquarie’s Sergeant at Arms. My father-in-law was an elected member for the area.

After doing some research in relation to business ideas we realised the great significance this region had in our nation, having been the food bowl that saved the new colony. It was the place where a new society without class differences started. This has energised a sense of the unique identity of the Hawkesbury and notions of it becoming - once again - a place that nourishes the community.

Catherine’s dream for Windsor is … My dream for the Windsor Mall is to see it come to life with thriving businesses selling beautiful products: including well styled cafes and restaurants. I’d also like to see lovely and functional areas for caring for the more needy community members. Windsor could be as fantastic and successful as towns like Berry and Bowral.

With a wholehearted refurbishment and facelift (and the addition of contemporary structures and materials), there are so many possibilities for our amazing heritage buildings and beautiful garden spaces. We could create charming spaces. This would enable exciting and interesting spaces for local and visiting patrons to explore and hang out in. I’d also love to see our markets have a much more sophisticated, artisan feel to them.

I think it’s important to capture the imaginations and excitement of all generations. I see that murals and other art works can make an exciting and life giving contribution. E.g. from a trail of playful pictures with clues that lead you on a journey through the mall to a large modern sophisticated work. I want something that can capture the unique essence of our community, history and landscape.


Andrew … has been a resident of the Hawkesbury for three years.

Andrew’s dream for Windsor Mall is … to be a window into the Hawkesbury – a vibrant hub that reflects its values, heritage and future. A place and space for people to enjoy, engage with, and stay longer in.

Danielle Wheeler_Art Pharmacy Consulting_Hawkesbury Council.jpeg


Danielle’s vision for Windsor Mall is … to be vibrant, walkable, welcoming, bespoke and never ordinary. Respectful of our past and excited about our future.



Darren … actually resides in the Hills Shire. I have had a business in Windsor since 2005. We were originally an online only retail business and when looking for a place to open our first bricks and mortar shop, we chose Windsor.

We loved the look and feel of Windsor, the Windsor Mall and it’s accessibility to Sydney. We currently have four retail shops, of which two (our most successful) are in Windsor.

We believe in the future of Windsor over the long term, and have invested millions of dollars in the town by purchasing the buildings our shops are operating from.

Darren’s dream for Windsor Mall is that he … strongly believes that the Windsor Mall should not be opened up to traffic. I believe that it needs to be transformed into an exciting place where families and young people go to meet, hang out, relax, shop, enjoy great food and drink, and be entertained. It needs to be cleaned up, improved and things of interest added (murals, sculptures, artworks, water features, kids entertainment, lighting, nature, historical information etc). The remaining empty shops in the southern block of the mall also need to be filled (the northern block of the mall currently has no empty retail shops).

The Windsor Mall is one of the things that makes the area different to most other country towns and this needs to be capitalised on and used to its full potential - not demolished. The recent light up Christmas event held in December 2018, the Sunday Markets and the amount on visitors during school holidays proves the potential of Windsor and The Mall.

Art Pharmacy Consulting_Hawkesbury Concil_clr-emma-jane-garrow.jpg


Emma-Jane … is a councillor for the Hawkesbury Council and has lived 40 years in the Hawkesbury, and 12 years in Windsor.

Emma Jayne’s dream for Windsor Mall is … a space our community can be proud of, which showcases our abundance of beauty, history and creativity. A space with economic security that encourages business to grow in our community.

Venecia Wilson_Art Pharmacy Consulting_Hawkesbury COuncil..jpg


Venecia has … lived in Richmond since 1997 and grew up in Glossodia. While not a resident of Windsor itself, I worked in Thompson Square for more than 10 years and still spend a lot of time in Windsor.

Venecia’s dream for Windsor Mall is … for [it] to become a true 'third place' for residents and visitors. To be engaging, interactive, economically sustainable and attractive, with community involvement in placemaking the space - now and in the future. A creative and innovative space which shows the bones of our historical significance.

25 JANUARY 2019

Art Pharmacy Consulting firmed up deadlines and timelines to work towards for the project. Using information received from residents, as well as our own research and knowledge, we formed a public art narrative for the Windsor Mall and the wider Hawkesbury area. 

We built up a database of local artists to put forward as candidates for two sites we have identified in the Windsor Mall - these walls are both adjacent to businesses run by local Darren Pead - Guy Stuff and Lollies N' Stuff. We will be working with him to schedule these murals in. Currently the plan for implementation is after the hotter Summer months finish.

Art Pharmacy Consulting has got in touch with tentative art committee members for the project, who will be confirmed in the next fortnight as the narrative approaches the last stages of finalisation.

At this point we are aiming for a selection of potential artists in mid-February, with mural painting to commence the beginning of March.

If you have any relevant queries to this project please email Charles.LIGGETT[AT]


Art Pharmacy Consulting met with Windsor residents who were landlords/tenants or simply an engaged local person to discuss heritage and other local idiosyncrasies that they would like to see preserved, enhanced or addressed during the project.

We visited the mall and photographed and identified potential sites, paying particular attention to two walls adjacent to properties owned by Darren Pead Guy Stuff and the Lollies ‘N’ Stuff.

We then set up a mailing list of interested persons (you can still sign up to HERE). Afterwards, we reached out to attendees to ask them to email us with any relevant information that would help us form a narrative that properly reflects locals and what they’d want to see, or submit an EOI as a local artist. 

If you have any relevant queries to this project please email Charles.LIGGETT[AT]